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My Work


Doctors Appointment booking 

Here are all the wireframes and UI I designed for this hospital-related application concept. It is basically a  Hospital appointment booking application. The designs are based on some research and userflow.

Frame 1 (1).jpg

Figma Prototyping
(Play in full screen)

Polygon - Theme based social media app

Here are all the screens I designed for this application concept design I worked upon. Its a theme based social media app where I created everything from scratch.


Pet Valley

A complete User research and UI design of an app that single-handedly manages all your pet-related things and lets you take better care of them.

pett mockup.jpg

Healthcare app concept UI

UI design mockup for a family healthcare app for your wellbeing.

MockUp – 2.png

Betting application UI design

So this was a project I did for American football. The UI was very trendy and has a completely fresh design. It had a Dark Theme and also I used glassmorphism elements in the design which gave it a more classy look.

Group 12.png

Verydeli - UI concept design

This is a Website design of a delivery venture. I have made the design very user centric so that the user could easily come to this website and can track his package as fast as possible. And every important thing user wants is available on the home page itself so that he would not have to hassle through the whole website to find anything


Venom - Gaming UI

Here is a mockup of a concept of an gaming app and its logo completely designed by me from scratch.


Elefunenjoy- Web design and development

It's a free lance project of a business venture out of Jaipur. It organises elephant related fun activities and tours in Rajasthan. Its a very old project so don't judge me by its design. This is just to show you all that I have worked on the development part too.

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 3.59.21 PM.png

Expert in building IA's

This is an Information Architecture of a an Webapp which is a CRM platform that helps companies sell products to the desired people. It helps in creating campaigns, making calls, mails managing prospects and recording their outcomes.

It is a B2B project, where I worked on converting more than 1500 screens from photoshop to Sketch(creating complex symbols).

After that I redesigned the complete WebApp into a more user friendly design by building an Information Architecture.

Group 5.png
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